WoW Archaeology News: new race datamined!

Perculia over at a Wowhead has noticed a new build about to hit the PTR, and with it fantastic news. A new race, Mantid, has been datamined, along with the Mantid Amber Fragment to help speed things along.

While I found the near impossibility of completing all of the pre-Mists Archaeology finds to be frustrating, the Pandaren and Mogu races had the opposite problem – I finished them both within a few hours. Granted, there is Loremaster, and the turn-ins for Pristine items (the new race will work the same way, if you are wondering), but that just wasn’t the same as hoping for that next rare item.

Only eight items, none of them rare, have been datamined for the Mantid race at this point. However, it’s very early in the process, with the patch not even live on the PTR yet, so rare items may yet make their way into circulation.


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