Do you follow competitive WoW?

My first thought was, “Nope!”

But immediately after I thought, “Why not?”

Having done arenas and died, and then watched my teammates manage to pull off a win, or fight to the bitter end – arenas are really, really fun to watch, but only if you know what you are watching pretty intimately. I don’t really think that casual questing or even raiding is quite enough to get to that sweet spot where you can follow the action in a meaningful way. Let me be clear – that’s not meant to be demeaning in any way to folks who play in those ways! I’ve been a 35-hour a week super casual player in WoW for years. I’ve also forayed into PvP and arenas, mostly during Cataclysm. I played BGs until I mastered them, then moved on to arenas. I never mastered those, but I had a pretty good idea of what to do.

Watching competitive WoW, specifically arenas, is a great deal like watching fencing. Everyone waits. You see this great flurry of movement that’s entirely confusing if you’ve never fenced, and then it’s over. Wait, what?

But if you are a fencer, or a WoW PvPer in battlegrounds, or even fight on an arena team, that waiting has heavy meaning because you know exactly what it is that the players are waiting for. And when you see it, in that same moment that they see it – when they burst into a flurry of action and reaction, or better yet that second sense kicks in, the one that tells them what their opponent is about to do, and they counter it with speed you can’t believe, just as they should – when the tides turn and the losing team does something just right, while the team you thought was winning makes a critical mistake – and the rest is silence. How is that not exciting? Interesting? You get an adrenaline rush just watching their performances.

So while I don’t watch the competitions at this point, I’m looking at getting my DK back into PvP. As I get better, the matches I do watch will essentially move in slow-motion for me, each movement having meaning, building to their conclusion through skill and error. In conclusion, I haven’t in watching it, but I think I should be!


One thought on “Do you follow competitive WoW?

  1. Neri says:

    I am beyond fail at PvP, but I absolutely love watching the arena championships. I just love how fast paced it is, and how surprising it can be. I also really love it when the underdogs smash the big names and take out the title like what happened at Blizzcon a few years ago. Good times 🙂

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