Who is your favorite faction leader?

Once upon a time, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, everyone’s favorite Banshee Queen, would easily have won. I’ve had a girl-crush on that character for years. Her story has such deep tragedy, and yet she can’t even die and finally rest. Instead, she’s chasing down Arthas through Icecrown. Better yet, remember that epic battle in her Undercity itself, with Thrall, where we got to run around fighting with her and SHE WAS SHOOTING A BOW THAT FIRED WITCHES INSTEAD OF ARROWS?! Ahem. Yeah, she’s my girl!

She still wins, really. She’s the freaking Banshee Queen. But I’m surprised at how close Vol’jin and Lor’themar have come to being favorites of mine over the past year.

I really, really dislike Garrosh. I didn’t like him back when he was supposedly a tough but decent guy. Remember how whiny he was out in Nagrand? But now I really hate him – so Vol’jin’s blatant offer to shoot an arrow into his black heart had me cheering in my seat. He doesn’t even try to hide how much he abhors Garrosh.

Lor’themar Theron is more of a steady force. He’s diplomatic, wise, and seems capable of guiding the Horde, though I’m not sure he could actually lead it. The eyepatch helps to dispel some of the typical male-blood-elf stereotypes by making him seem more badass.

In short, I apparently like my faction leaders to be “badass.” The Alliance always seemed like the sweet good guys, the one’s who make cookies. I’m not sure that’s all that true anymore, but they give off that aura. The Horde has more room for badassery, making me glad of my choice all those years ago – even if it means I have to put up with Garrosh as our warchief for just a little… bit… longer.


One thought on “Who is your favorite faction leader?

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