Community Blog Topic: Which faction’s story would you like to see more of?

Let me start of by saying that I play almost exclusively Horde, and have for years. Don’t get me wrong – some of my best WoW friends play Alliance, so no judgement here! But I did cross that line in the sand for one reason – I wanted to play a Worgen. I was disappointed when Horde got goblins, but werewolves? That can switch forms between human and werewolf? AND that don’t have to mount up to move really fast? I crossed that line so fast that if you hadn’t known it was there, you’d never find it now.

I wasn’t disappointed, at least not at first. The starting zone was complex, if a little buggy at first (okay, for about a year). Gilnean architecture is simply stunning. I love the old, steampunk, fantasy feel of Worgen architecture. The characters have so much flavor, so much possibility.

So I was pretty stunned when that ball got dropped, hot-potato-style. I play Horde, but hadn’t played through Silverpine since Cataclysm launched, and didn’t realize the story continued there until I ran into it by accident. It was nice to have a little more, but I’d rather have a story that is better integrated into the rest of the game, the way the trolls or orcs or even humans are. There is a ton of room for really interesting and fun story with the Worgen, and instead it sometimes feels like Blizzard regrets them a bit, as opposed to the goblins, who get a lot of screen time even in scenarios and who are making Orgrimmar a disgusting toxic waste dump.


One thought on “Community Blog Topic: Which faction’s story would you like to see more of?

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