Community Blog Topic: Do we need more levels?

One of these days, Robin is going to write a blog topic and I’m going to vehemently disagree with her own answer. Today, however, is not that day.

I find myself in agreement. As a fellow altaholic, I too really enjoy the leveling process. I would go so far as to say that I enjoy it more than I enjoy endgame. Until Mists, I would level a character to the cap, play the Auction House, buy whatever easy epics just for the fun of it, then move on to the next alt. It might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but I found it relaxing, diverse, and a fulfilling use of my downtime.

That’s right, I managed step into a raid just once in six years. For the record, it was old Naxx, they really needed a hunter, and… you guessed it. The boots dropped. I still have them!

I’m hoping for 10 rather than 5 new levels in the next expansion. Mists leveling felt slow in part because it was just a numbers game – I don’t think they’d make more or less material for 5 vs. 10 levels, the levels are just spread out differently. With 10 levels, even if you have to plow through a little more content to hit max level, you are getting that carrot of a level a lot more often. It’s encouraging, and, to me, enjoyable.

I love seeing my guys get incrementally more powerful, and I don’t want to have to always depend on a team of 10 to 25 other players to do that. While that incremental increase is certainly possible at max level by way of better gear, you have less flexibility about how you go about it. I don’t mind raiding or heroics – it is a MMO, and lots of people play it for the cooperative aspect – but I wouldn’t give up leveling for them.


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