Nagrand and Now: Garrosh Hellscream

A few weeks ago, I was working on Loremaster and finishing up quests in Nagrand. At the end of the quest chain, Garrosh made some statements that I found to be particularly interesting in light of the coming conclusion to this expansion. In the dialogue for the quest “There Is No Hope” Garrosh states:

“You have done much for the Mag’har. No one could ever deny your service to my people. Alas, the time of the Mag’har is at an end. You have shown me, more than anything, that I am unfit to lead these people. My cursed blood runs too deep. I will not… I cannot become the second Hellscream to damn the orcs.

Please, return to the Greatmother and tell her what I have told you. I am too ashamed to see her… to look into her eyes.”

Now, I’m pretty sure he gets a big pep talk from Thrall right after this happens, or at least he used to. But that line: “I cannot be the second Hellscream to damn the orcs.” It stuck with me over the last few weeks until I took the time to dig up that quest today.

As I watch the swirling torrent that is hurtling us toward a raid where we must tear down the orc who has not only been a major destructive force to his own people, but to the entire Horde, I think back on that line. And while the Horde and Alliance are at war, and many atrocities become more acceptable in war than they are when we view them in the daylight of peace, events like Theramore’s destruction are hard to justify, and make this long-time Horde player question not only Garrosh’s effect on the orcs and Horde, but the Alliance as well.

But at some point, Garrosh really wanted to be a good person. He felt he wasn’t qualified for leadership because he wouldn’t do a good enough job. A part of that person seems to have remained but gone off on a runaway train, where the ends justified the means to a frightening extent.

I won’t be sorry to see Garrosh Hellscream removed from power, however that course of events plays out in the coming raid tier. I just wonder what happened to the depressed orc in Nagrand who was afraid he wasn’t good enough to lead his people without damning them.


2 thoughts on “Nagrand and Now: Garrosh Hellscream

  1. oxxo910 says:

    Very insightful. If they would have touched on that somewhere along the line it would have maybe changed things. However, with the recent trailer for patch 5.4 I really can’t feel much sympathy for him. I wish they would have went into more detail when he became warchief.

  2. John Mynard says:

    Where Garrosh went wrong was he mis-understood the story of his father’s life, when Thrall told him that he had saved the Orcs from damnation. Thrall told him a highly idealized and edited version of the last days of Grom’s life. Leaving out the part where he went blood crazy again and killed a demi-god and other heinous deeds. What we have now is because Thrall was unwilling or unable to use Grom’s life as a teachable event for Grom’s son. A better way to tell it would have be for Thrall to speak to Garrosh honestly about his father’s life and death, all of it, and then help him come to terms with the bad parts and take pride in the good parts, and then remind him that he can be better than his father. Not greater, better. There’s a thin, but distinct difference between the two. Greater suggest that Garrosh follow a similar path as his father, as we’ve seen. Better suggests that Garrosh acomplish more than his father did, without the compromises along the way.

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