Community Blog Topic: Do we need an ability squish?

While ultimately my answer is “yes,” it does come with reservations. If we get an ability squish, none of us will get to keep each of our favorite abilities. It’s pretty likely that every one of us will lose or see dramatically altered at least one of our favorite skills. I’m not looking forward to that part of an ability squish.

But with that caveat in mind, I can’t help but think of my poor hunter. She was my very first WoW character. I regularly level her to max out of a sense of obligation (pixels, I know, but she was my first!) However, once she’s there, she sits around and makes jewelcrafting items for my pally to disenchant. Quite a fall from her former position as my main, don’t you think?

She’s been relegated to boring money generator because of ability bloat. I enjoy complicated characters. I don’t want it to be faceroll easy – my main now is my Frost Death Knight, and I either PvP with her, or solo old raids. PvP on a Frost DK is anything but easy, especially when, like me, you go back and refine your craft every few fights, adjusting macros, using more complex combinations of abilities to take out those healers even faster.

But my hunter? Traps, stings, timed and instant shots, procs, pet management… the list is really long. I’ve never been able to get everything out on my bar, much less keybind it all, even with macros. I don’t want her to be easy. I want her to be playable.

So while I’ll miss some of those abilities, I trust my fate (and the fate of my hunter) to Blizzard’s capable hands.


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