Silence and Thanks

Maybe a few folks noticed that I’ve been quieter lately – not posting to the blog, and not commenting as much over on WoW Insider. If you did – thanks. If not, that’s okay, too.

I’ve been ill – sicker than usual, requiring abdominal surgery from which I am still recovering, The doctors have been playing with my medications like a three year old with their Halloween candy, and that’s put me on quite a rollercoaster ride. Add in an absolutely crazy couple of months for my kids through September and October, capped off by the November surgery – and, well, I guess you can begin to see why I went quiet.

But I wanted to take a few minutes and thank all of you. Some are friends, some acquaintances that are either friendly faces at WoW Insider or folks who making arguing points there a blast. Thanks to all of you for putting a smile on my face, sometimes when I needed it the most. Being sick ALL OF THE FREAKING TIME either makes you really depressed, or makes you insanely grateful for the good things you still have in life. Usually some combination of both.

But for me, though I have bad days, it tends toward the first. Things I didn’t think to be thankful for before because I took them for granted suddenly stand out in stark contrast to the rest of my life. A Sunday a few weeks ago with good pain control led to a day at the mall with my younger daughter during which I didn’t yell at her once out of the exhaustion, pain, and grouchiness that have become my hallmark emotions. Such a little thing, shopping with your kid. But I’m grateful.

So take a look at your life, whether everything’s going great or everything seems dark and sad and impossible, and find just one thing to be grateful for. It could be worse. I guarantee it. That doesn’t mean that the bad isn’t still bad, but when we look past the things we are powerless to change and find the good in our lives, we open the possibility for new goods – new friends, jobs, loves. So go, do it, and be thankful.