Warcraft Tips for Idiots Like Me

This particular column will be recurring, because I never stop finding things that cause me to elicit a very Homer-like mental “D’oh!”

Today’s Warcraft Tip for Idiots Like Me involves the quest, “Pomfruit Pickup” which is one of the quests you can get in the second stage of Golden Lotus dailies out in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I’ve spent many afternoons mounting, flying up to pull those annoying birds from the tree branches where they guard my precious pomfruits, then slaughtering said bird before carefully hovering below the branch while I pick up the fruit.

Required skill? Reading the quest in the first place. Apparently, I was given a firework to knock down the fruits without ever having to bother with the birds, or hover awkwardly under any branches. The worst part? I’ve done this quest so many times that I’m already exalted with Golden Lotus, and was just doing the dailies today for extra Valor Points.


As an aside, have you ever noticed just how many uses World of Warcraft, and the Horde in general, manages to find for fireworks? It never ceases to amaze me, though by now, it probably should. It’s okay, I enjoy being amazed.